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Frequently asked Questions




When do you start your season?

Our season starts at the beginning of March and runs through to the end of October.  (The actual dates will vary each year).

What is the cost?

Prices can be found on our Price Page. Carts are available to here for any number of consecutive days. Please enquire

Is insurance included in the price?

Yes, insurance is included in the price. Please note this is for Third Party liability only. Any damage caused to the carts is the responsibility of the Primary driver who signed the hire agreement..

Do we have to pay a deposit?

We do not require a deposit. However, if a reserved cart it is not collected by 10.30am (and you haven't called to request a late collection) the cart may bel be released for another customer.

Do we have to book a cart in advance or can we just turn up and hire one?

You don't have to book a cart in advance, however we cannot guarantee that if you just turn up that one will be available particularly during high season . We always advise people to book so they are not disappointed but if you are prepared for the fact there may not be a cart to hire, then feel free to pop round!

If I am staying in a flat can I hire a cart for the week?

Unfortunately not, as the cart needs to be charged overnight, unless it can be parked off road (no cables are allowed over a public path or pavement). The cart will need to be returned to us each evening. This also applies to some of the hotels and guest houses in Hugh Town.

If you hired the cart for the week could it be delivered to the place you are staying at?

Unfortunately not as the completion of insurance paperwork and introduction to the cart and its controls have to occur at our site.


Are you open on Sundays?

Yes we are.

Can I hire one of your carts cart on St. Martins or the other off islands?

Unfortunately not, our carts are just for use on St. Marys.

Can I hire a cart for a few hours?

The minimum hire period is one day 9am to 5.30pm.  You will need to pay for the whole day even if you only want to use the cart for a few hours as they need to be recharged between each hirings.


Using the Cart


Can the carts be used in the evening in reduced light/ semi darkness?

The carts do have lights to enable the vehicle to be seen by other road users.

Is the cart easy to drive?

Yes – 2 pedals only: one to go the other one to stop, however like all Golf Carts they are Left hand drive.

How fast will the cart go?

Fast enough for the type of vehicle, 12mph


Where is the handbrake?

There is a park brake on top of the foot brake.

Where can I drive the cart?

Only on the tarmac roads of the island, not down the quay, bridal paths or footpaths or on any beach. When you collect the cart we will run through a map with you explaining this and give you guidance on parking and local attractions. There are a few accommodation addresses across the island that are accessed via rough tracks which are currently unsuitable for our carts. 

How long will the batteries last?

Approximately 20 miles, 3 times round the island or 1.5 to 2 hours continual run time depending on load and driving style. There is a runtime meter on the dashboard to help keep you informed.

What happens if the battery runs out if we hire it for a whole day and do lots of driving?

The run time on the batteries is up to 2 hours. That equates to 20-25 miles which, when you consider the size of the island, is a lot! There is a hour meter on every cart so you can see how long you have been driving, the average use is less than 1.5 hours. Should it ever happen we can come and get you, we know your location as the carts are GPS tracked.

How long do the batteries take to charge?

They are plugged in for smart trickle charging at the end of a day and unplugged in the morning, Charging can take anything up to 5 hours depending on charge required,

What happens if we break down?

Telephone our garage, and we will come out to you. The carts are GPS tracked so we would know your location.

What happens if I have a puncture?

Telephone our garage and we will come out to you. The carts are GPS tracked so we would know your location.

Do the carts have side screens?

No, the carts only have a roof.

Can I have the cart overnight?

The cart hire runs from 9am to 5:30pm in one day unless you hire the cart for consecutive days.

Is there room on a two-seater to stow a camera bag or rucksack?

Yes, on the two seater, there is a basket behind the seat that could hold a camera bag or rucksack.  there are also two cubby holes in the dashboard that can hold small items

Is it OK to park the cart, go for a walk, and then return to it later in the day?

Absolutely! As long as you park the cart in an acceptable place (legally parked on the road or in a car park), you can leave it for as long as you want.

We will give you some guidance about parking when we run through the map with you when you collect the cart.


Do I need a driving licence?

Yes, if you want to be able to drive a cart you must have held a Full UK diving Licence for at least a year, and be able to present it at time of collection. Unfortunately our insurance does not cover any other licence.

I only have the old green paper licence, not a photo card one - can I still hire a cart?

Yes,  you can. As long as it is a valid licence.

Do I need both parts of the licence?


How old can a driver be?

You have to be aged between 21 and 80. Unfortunately our insurance does not cover any driver outside of this age range.

How many drivers per cart?

You can have the primary driver and up to 4 additional drivers but each person has to nominated by the Primary hirer who accepts full responsibility for their acts whilst they are driving and for fulfilling the terms and condition of the hire agreement. Valid UK driving licences will still need to be produced for each driver.



Is there any upper age limit for the passenger?

No, there is no upper age limit for passengers.

Is there a weight limit for those using the cart?

We do not specify a weight load for the carts but it should be noted that a heavier load will use the battery energy up quicker, The carts are designed for carry passengers.

Do I have to wear a seatbelt?

Yes, you are on the public highway, so all the usual laws and highway code apply.

Can we have 2 adults + child on a 2 seat cart?

No, a 2 seat cart is insured for 2 people only

Can I take a dog on the cart?

Well behaved dogs can be taken on the carts.  They should be seated or lying down and restrained in such a way as to not interfere with the driver and driving controls (such as the pedals) as per the highway code.

Do you have child seats?

Yes we have a number of  Baby seats, full harness child seats and booster seat/cushion. Please enquiry at the time of booking or via the booking request form

Please feel free to contact us if you have anymore questions.

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