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Rental Terms and Conditions

1. Requirements to hire a cart. You and any additional named drivers must be aged between 21-80 and be able to produce a valid Full UK drivers licence which has been held for a minimum of 1 year or more. The carts are all registered for use on the Public Highway and come under the UK Laws of the road and the Highway code.

2. Additional drivers. Must be detailed in the correct section on the hire agreement. The primary driver is

responsible for their actions.

3. What is included in our charges. Our rates include the cost of the cart hire, including VAT, together with third party insurance for the named drivers whose details are completed on the booking form.

4. Period of rental/daily rate calculation. Our daily rate covers from 9am to 5.30pm on the day of hire. Our

consecutive day hire period is from 9am on the first day to 5.30pm on the last day of hire.

5. Number of passengers. Our carts are insured for a maximum number of 2 persons on a 2 seater cart, 4 persons on a 4 seater cart, and  6 persons on a 6 seater cart only.

6. Payments. All charges must be paid for at the time of collection of the cart.

7. Charging. Our carts are supplied with fully charged batteries. Consecutive day hire carts must be plugged in and charged every day after use, even if only used for a short time. Customers who hire a cart on consecutive days must be able to park the cart in a private drive and off the main highway overnight. A full charge takes 4 – 5 hours to complete. On no account must the charging lead cross a public footpath or pavement. If Scilly Carts ltd hears of any infringement of this very important law they will remove the said cart and immediately cancel the hire with no refunds being made to the hirer.

8. Fines/penalties. Any parking charges/fines etc are the sole responsibility of the hirer. Scilly Carts Ltd will pass all information about our hirers to the relevant authorities for them to collect payment. Please note an administration fee of £25.00 will apply.

9. Provision of vehicle. Scilly Carts Ltd retains the right to refuse to provide a cart to any customer who appears to be unfit to drive or does not meet eligibility requirements.

10. Bookings. Scilly Carts Ltd reserves the right to cancel any booking at their own discretion; all bookings are

subject to status, availability and terms and conditions.

11. Early returns. There is no refund for customers who wish to bring the cart back early. This is done entirely

under the customers will.

12. Refund. Any refunds made by Scilly Carts Ltd will be paid by cash or card.

13. Lost keys. If the cart key is lost whilst on hire, a replacement key will be provided at a cost of £5.00

14. Drink/drugs. Scilly Carts Ltd will not be held responsible for any individual whether under the influence of

alcohol or drugs or not, causing wilful damage, off road driving or driving on any beach or Duchy/private ground. The hirer will indemnify Scilly Carts Ltd against this in respect of all claims.

15. Mechanical difficulties/accidents. In the event of an accident or damage to the cart, you must: (a) Notify Scilly Carts Ltd immediately; (b) Not attempt to repair the cart yourself. In the event of an accident you must also: (a) Obtain a signed police report. (b) Complete an accident form. (c) Obtain details of third parties/witnesses.

16. Malicious damage. Scilly Carts Ltd will investigate any suspected malicious damage to a cart, either

through avoidable road accidents caused by dangerous driving, or damage to vehicle parts caused via


17. Right to drive. Under no circumstances must the cart be driven off the island's metalled roads. Prohibited areas include the Quay, beaches, farmland and pedestrian pathways and tracks. The carts are fitted with GPS tracking for user’s safety. Breaches of driving off the island’s metalled roads may result in the immediate recovery of the cart and cancellation of the hire, with no refunds being made to the hirer. Repairs for any damage caused by not adhering to this condition will be charged to the hirer together with a call out charge of £25.

18. Considerations. Please be aware of other road users. Park considerately and only in permitted areas - the

police will issue tickets for illegal parking. Be aware of pedestrians walking in the road - you are driving a quiet

vehicle with no engine noise and pedestrians might not hear you coming. Do not use your mobile phone whilst driving the cart - it is a traffic offence.

19. Misuse. A call out charge of £25 will be made for any recovery or repair to a fault or condition caused by the hirer of the cart. E.g. flat battery, stuck off road or on a beach etc.

Failure to follow these terms and conditions may result in the hire being cancelled immediately and the cart being returned with no refunds being made to the hirer.

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